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Tap, Assign, Monitor: MSA id Digital Device Assignment Helps Drive Accountability and Simplify Compliance

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Numerous perks come with investing in the ruggedly tested, smartly connected ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector. One small feature, with big implications for how you and your team use the device, is the MSA id Tag. Every ALTAIR io 4 device comes with the MSA id digital device assignment feature, and it can help save you and your team time and effort. The key benefits to using the MSA id Tag are the fast and easy digital assigning of an ALTAIR io 4 device to a specific worker and seamless data monitoring of the device via MSA Grid cloud-based software while the worker is using it.


MSA estimates that around one in five gas detection devices is not returned to the fleet. It would be much easier to keep track of devices and who is using them if the detectors were digitally assigned to workers at the start of each shift. Using the MSA id Tag, you can do just that – assign a device to a user as soon as it’s in their possession. The built-in RFID tagging system is intertwined with the MSA Grid cloud-based software meaning, once assigned, the device shows as being assigned to that specific worker by name; until it is returned, device usage and behavior data are linked to each worker and visible on the Grid dashboard. This helps support simplified recordkeeping, compliance, monitoring, and more.

The MSA id Tag was designed to function as simplistically as possible. It works by simply tapping the MSA id Tag to an ALTAIR io 4 device at the start of a worker’s shift. The MSA id Tag instantly assigns the device to that worker. The device remains assigned to the worker until it is returned. Once the device is “clicked” back into the ALTAIR io Charge, the device status returns to being unassigned.

The digital assigning feature was designed to be easy to use and intended to help reduce the amount of training needed for implementation. There is also less hassle and wasted time at the start and end of a shift compared to the traditional manual process of checking out a device using pen and paper.


The MSA id Tag helps promote worker accountability and compliance of use. MSA id allows you to monitor which worker is using which device and how the device is being used during each shift.

While signed out to an individual, all device data sent to the cloud is linked to that worker. You’ll go from manual processes and pen-on-paper device tracking to a digital, cloud-based management system that allows you to monitor device usage and performance digitally and hold workers accountable for returning devices at the end of their shifts. This added accountability can help prevent unnecessary loss or damages associated with potentially careless handling of a device when no tracking mechanism is in use.

Other useful tracking tools can help ensure proper protocols and procedures are followed. MSA id enables you to monitor your workforce and easily track things like whether an individual device is active or whether an individual is responding to an alarm. All real-time and historical data will be tied to the user so you can monitor usage patterns and possible needs for additional support or training. This insight gives you the ability to respond to alarms and send help to workers when an alarm goes off. It also allows you to see areas where you can decide whether to implement enhanced training or other measures for your team to help support your culture of safety.

A subscription to MSA+, which includes ALTAIR io 4 devices with id Tags and Grid software, will give you access to even more powerful fleet management and live monitoring tools. You can choose a plan that works best for your organization and benefit from the real-time and historical cloud data.


MSA+ subscription options for Altair io 4 devices:




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