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Oil & GasTagged with type: Text

How Technology Helps Safety Managers Overcome the of Managing a Gas Detection Fleet (EU)

Efficient and effective management of a fleet of portable gas detectors is hugely important to maintaining the health and safety of employees. There are many factors that can impede this process...

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Fixed Gas & Flame DetectionTagged with type: Whitepaper

Using Gas Detector Connectivity to Improve Safety in CSE (EU)

Confined spaces, which are found across a wide variety of industries, are well-known for posing considerable risks to worker health and safety. That’s because, unlike other work environments...

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Fire ServiceTagged with type: Text

M1 Telemetry Seville Story

MSA M1 Telemetry to serve the firefighters and community of Sevilla Helping to keep people safe has been a core part of MSA Safety’s mission for more than 100 years. Accordingly,  the company is...

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General IndustryTagged with type: Text

Heat Stress: Risk Factors and Preventative Safety Solutions (EU/OSHA)

When summer is here, beware of its energy-sapping heat. For construction workers in particular, heat is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. Working during the summer months means many workers...

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General IndustryTagged with type: Text

Confined Space Working: How Awareness & Planning Keeps Operatives Safe (EU)

Working at height can present numerous safety risks. These must be carefully assessed, considered and mitigated with the correct fall protection systems, equipment and training. But what happens when...

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Fixed Gas & Flame DetectionTagged with type: Text

Gas Sensor Innovation: Self-Calibrating Technology is Here (EU/OSHA)

How TruCal® technology lowers cost of ownership with sensor performance and less maintenance. Introduction The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines industrial...

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