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The Future of Area Monitoring (EU/OSHA)

Hazardous substances, particularly flammable or toxic, are increasingly used or produced in industrial processes. This involves many risks such as gas leaks, which can be harmful and even fatal to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the occurrence and concentration of various gases.

One of the programs that helps keep industrial facilities protected is area monitoring. This solution improves worker and worksite safety for temporary, high-risk deployments & semi-permanent monitoring. Besides, it can be used in confined spaces or remote locations.

Area Monitoring helps safety personnel to protect health and life of co-workers in places and situations where fixed systems cannot be used. These working environments are mostly very tough. Invisible dangers, hazardous substances, particularly flammable or toxic may cause many risks such as gas leaks, harmful and even fatal to humans’ health. Safety specialists struggle daily with complexity and challenges to keep the industrial facilities, but above all – people, well-protected.

Gas detectors require attention, administration, record-keeping, and more-resulting in interruptions and logistical challenges that distract from larger safety objectives.

Therefore, it is so crucial to use a solution that combines the simplicity of a smart home device and delivers monitoring capabilities you can truly rely on.

The Rugged and Reliable Performance Matter

Because gas detectors are designed to help protect workers and worksites, sensor performance and particularly response time are essential, as is the ability to monitor multiple gases simultaneously.

These devices have to work in all kinds of environments and work conditions, therefore they must be robust and rugged enough to resist tough environmental challenges. More durable detectors help to keep the cost of ownership low by reducing maintenance and downtime.

No matter the time you want to deploy the system on-site you would appreciate quick and easy deployment as well as proper functioning when needed. Increased battery capacity allows to be on duty for a longer time which can mean weeks or months of monitoring for leading solutions. With more battery life comes reduced need for maintenance and interactions.

Facilitating Connectivity

With the advent of connectivity technology and network scalability, health and safety professionals can simultaneously monitor jobs of any size, in multiple working sites and locations, locally or remotely. Both onsite and remote safety managers can capture the readings of the devices and take necessary actions including sending the evacuation from a control room.

For this to be meaningful, however, setting up this network of effortlessly connected worksites needs to be easy and intuitive. With connected devices comes the opportunity to gather and interpret gas detection data. The insights obtained from doing so can help streamline processes and improve safety outcomes. As a result, device connectivity becomes key to worker safety.

Meet The Future of Area Monitoring

MSA is bringing a breakthrough area monitoring solution to the market – the ALTAIR® io360 Gas Detector which combines a compact rugged design with months of battery life and the ability to effortlessly create connected work sites. It features an intuitive installation process and a dedicated mobile application that guides the system set up so that you can be confident you did the job right. The ALTAIR io360 is also equipped with a strong magnet as well as a D-ring so you can mount it almost anywhere inside an industrial facility. It is designed to effortlessly connect worksites of any size while offering the simple usability of a smart-home product.

Depending on your gas detection program requirements the network of the ALTAIR® io360 Gas Detectors can be monitored locally or remotely via Safety io Grid services. Besides, it is capable to remotely monitor several worksites with multiple area monitoring networks from anywhere in the world. When every second counts, you take informed action with the Safety io Grid Live Monitor.

Learn more about this complete gas detection solution here:



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