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MSA Grid Software Recognized With an Occupational Health & Safety 2024 Industrial Hygiene Award

MSA Grid software recently received an Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) magazine Industrial Hygiene Award in the “Auditing and Compliance Software” category.

The awards feature winners across 28 categories, honoring the outstanding product development achievements of health and safety manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve industrial hygiene.

“This year’s awards enjoyed a broad range of compelling entries with some hot competition in some of the categories,” said David Kopf, executive editor and publisher of Occupational Health & Safety. “This was particularly noticeable in categories such as Internet of Things—Connected Devices and Hearing Conservation & Noise Reduction. It just goes to show that the companies providing industrial hygiene products and services are continually working to innovate and improve.”

MSA Grid is a cloud-based software solution that automatically integrates with the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector to help enhance safety and productivity across workers, worksites, and workflows, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection via desktop or mobile.

Capabilities include:

  • Grid Compliance Service: Features over-the-air updates, digital device assignment, and lifetime data logs
  • Grid Fleet Manager: Enables safety managers to proactively address detector maintenance, streamline recordkeeping and compliance, and drive worker accountability
  • Grid Live Monitor: Offers real-time visibility of workers and worksites, including gas readings, individual or group evacuation alerts, and location awareness

New features recently released to Grid include Mobile Notifications, providing immediate in-app notifications when an alarm exposure or SOS event occurs along with live worker location and gas readings, and Shared Alerts, which notifies those on-site if a nearby worker or another worker in their group has gone into alarm.



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