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Missing Something? The New Essential for Gas Detection Programs (EU)

Gas detection plays a fundamental role in helping keep workers and worksites safe from flammable and toxic gases. In fact, gas detection is one of the most critical aspects of any Safety Program, which is why safety teams must continually be on the lookout for the best, most up-to-date solutions.  

There was a time when a performant gas detection program was comprised only of best-in-class detection devices and automated test and calibration systems. Included on the safety manager’s checklist for the ideal and capable solution were durable devices, long battery life, fast-responding sensors, multi-gas devices, and easy and effective maintenance. Of course, these things are still foundational; it’s just that they’re no longer the only consideration. 

As safety managers faced new challenges in maintaining a healthy fleet while balancing it with other safety goals, cloud connectivity came on to the scene. Connected Gas Detection Programs not only save safety managers precious time on detection management, they also enable much-needed insight to drive improved safety outcomes. 

Which brings us to a new priority for connected solutions: cybersecurity.  

Just like choosing the most reliable gas detectors and just like selecting the most practical gas detection management software, safety professionals also should look for the most reliable and secured connectivity solution.  

Here’s are two key reasons why: 

  1. Sensitive Data: Connected portable gas detectors store and process sensitive information, such as worker location information. For this reason, keeping workers safe means keeping sensitive data safe, too.
  2. Data Integrity: Because device readings and test information are critical to protecting workers, they must be complete and free from error. Maintaining data integrity means ensuring that device information that’s stored in the cloud remains complete, accurate, and reliable – no matter how long the data is stored or how often it is accessed by authorized personnel.  

For safety managers who want to reap the benefits of a connected Gas Detection Program, it’s essential to understand the importance of cybersecurity and embrace the advanced technologies that make secure connectivity a reality.  

Secure connectivity, done right and coupled with best-in-class detectors, test equipment, and practical insights, gives safety managers peace of mind, freeing them up to focus on the bigger goals of the overall Safety Program. 

Safety io maintains a rigorous data privacy policy and strict protection system to help ensure that the information from your MSA ALTAIR®devices remain confidential and safe. Safety io also is certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for information security management practices. 

For a better understanding of how to start or continue your connected worker safety journey while keeping cybersecurity top of mind, contact us to learn more.  



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