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Major French steel production company chooses ALTAIR io™ 4 for enhanced tracking of gas detector usage and user compliance

A large steel production facility, part of a larger corporation located in France, plays a critical role in producing steel – an essential material for global infrastructure and manufacturing.

Looking to enhance gas detection capabilities and safety management within their steel manufacturing environment, this case study explores how the company has integrated the Connected Work Platform driven by ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector into their facility. This integration allowed them to make significant strides in operational safety and efficiency, emphasizing their commitment to workforce protection.

“By utilising the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector live monitoring feature, a global steel production facility can now determine who used which portable gas detectors and when, increasing worker safety across the site.”


The use of gas detectors within their extensive fleet presented multiple challenges with the varied operational contexts across production units. The company aimed to address key challenges:

  • Making sure that workers are turning their gas detectors on and identifying the users who are using the devices
  • Ensuring the devices are used correctly
  • Offering a straightforward management tool for easy access to comprehensive fleet information

The solution

Connected Work Platform driven by ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector was their chosen safety solution. This integration led to improved safety and operational efficiency. Utilizing detector connectivity and the smartphone app, the company verified active detectors at workstations and identified device users via badges. The automatic test station and the MSA GRID management platform streamlined their operations and centralized data in real-time.

Key features utilized:

  • Device connectivity for activation verification
  • Worker identification tag with MSA ID tag
  • Test station for routine gas tests and calibrations
  • MSA GRID management platform for data centralization

Results and benefits

The implementation of the solution resulted in:

  • A reduced number of gas detectors needed, without compromising safety indicators
  • A noticeable decrease in incidents related to non-activated or forgotten detectors

Specific benefits:

  • User-friendly detectors with a robust build and long autonomy, suited for the demanding steel industry
  • Enhanced data accessibility and utility through improved connectivity

Keen to see what this technology can do for safety management at your business too?



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