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Leading Finnish renewable fuels and oil company selects ALTAIR io™ 4 for efficient management of hundreds of gas detectors and improved safety compliance

A leading company in the renewable fuels and sustainable materials industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation and stringent safety standards, operates within a rapidly evolving sector.

This case study explores how the company tackled the ongoing challenges of balancing safety and operational efficiency, by integrating new technological solutions into their safety management practices.

“Historically, assigning gas detectors to workers has been a time-consuming activity. By leveraging the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector with our GRID ID device assignment feature, our customer was able to reduce the time required for workers to assign themselves portable gas detectors by 50%, resulting in faster operation times.”

Main challenges

In a challenging work environment, with many employees using gas detectors throughout their shifts, the company faced a series of complex issues:

  • Managing and assigning hundreds of gas detectors to a large workforce was increasingly challenging and demanded significant resources.
  • The fast-paced, variable conditions at operational sites necessitated an agile and responsive approach to safety monitoring.
  • Rapid and accurate analysis of safety incidents was essential for immediate action and developing long-term preventative strategies.

Acknowledging these challenges the company looked for an innovative solution that would not only meet their immediate safety and operational requirements, but also offer strategic insights for ongoing enhancement. The integration of the Connected Work platform driven by ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector and MSA Grid marked a significant advancement in safety management. This approach offered a holistic solution, combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive interfaces to address their needs effectively.

Efficient device assignment with MSA ID Tag: The ALTAIR io™ 4 along with the MSA Grid, provided a preferred solution for managing and assigning hundreds of gas detectors to a large workforce. The MSA ID tag feature allowed for effortless device assignment with just a simple tap, streamlining the process and reducing the resources required for device management.

Real-time visibility: The ALTAIR io™ 4 enhanced the company’s safety monitoring by offering advanced real-time tracking capabilities. It provides detailed insights into their operation, location and any alarms triggered facilitating immediate response to potential safety incidents, as well as, offered comprehensive oversight for them.

Streamlined compliance and maintenance: Connecting the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector with the power of the MSA Grid simplified the processes for tracking compliance and maintaining equipment for the company. This coordinated approach means that safety devices can be maintained at optimal performance levels which could enhance the reliability of safety equipment throughout the organization.

Comprehensive analysis with MSA Grid: The MSA Grid software plays a critical role in analyzing safety data, examining alarm types, frequencies and usage patterns. The company felt the analysis could aid proactive safety management, contributing significantly to risk reduction and the improvement of safety protocols.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the ALTAIR io™ 4 resulted in:

Operational efficiency and productivity gains: The company drastically reduced the time spent assigning gas detectors to their workforce, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced safety and compliance: The adoption of the Connected Work Platform driven by ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector and MSA Grid software empowered the management team with unprecedented precision in safety compliance tracking. This leap in monitoring capabilities fostered an environment where safety risks are identified and mitigated more swiftly, leading to a notable improvement for the company in workplace safety and compliance standards.

Sustainable safety improvements: The systematic and data-driven approach to safety, enabled by the new system, laid the foundation for continuous improvement for the company. By leveraging detailed analytics they can anticipate potential safety issues before they occur, helping to ensure that safety measures evolve in line with their operational needs and industry best practices.

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