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Global water treatment company enhances safety, implements remote device updates and improves incident tracking with ALTAIR io™ 4

A global water treatment company, that employs over 10,000 dedicated professionals, is committed to ensuring safe and efficient operations across numerous sites. Managing such a large workforce and an extensive fleet of gas detectors requires robust safety systems to maintain compliance and operational efficiency.

To address these needs, our partner implemented gas detection and management solutions. This collaboration has led to significant improvements in compliance, safety and overall operational efficiency.

 “With over-the-air update capabilities, the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector allows our clients to update their devices in real-time within seconds, saving countless work hours and avoiding needless downtime”


The use of gas detectors presented multiple challenges due to the extensive fleet and varied operational contexts. The aim was to address key challenges:

  • Handling compliance data for gas detectors, including calibration certificates and gas test results
  • Centralizing and standardizing complex compliance data
  • Keeping up with constantly evolving regulations and updating device alarm thresholds, both of which were time-consuming
  • Receiving alerts and tracking incidents during employees’ workdays was previously impossible for the company

Connected Work platform solution

Connected Work platform solution driven by the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector, along with its detectors and automatic test station was the chosen solution.

This integration led to:

Enhanced safety and operational efficiency: By utilizing the GRID platform, the management of gas detectors was streamlined meeting compliance guidelines and improving safety measures. The platform facilitated real-time access to calibration reports and allowed remote configuration of detectors, significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual updates.

Key features utilized:

  • Remote configuration and updates of gas detectors
  • Centralized access to calibration and compliance data
  • Real-time alerts and incident tracking through the MSA GRID platform
  • User-friendly interface for easy management and reporting

Results and benefits

The implementation of ALTAIR io™ 4 resulted in:

Improved efficiency: The ability to update device configurations and alarm thresholds within a few clicks has streamlined their operations significantly. This feature ensures that devices are always in compliance with the latest regulations without the need for manual updates, saving considerable time and resources.

Enhanced compliance: Access to calibration and compliance data has been greatly enhanced. The centralized system provides all documentation which is readily available and consistently maintained, facilitating better management and regulatory adherence.

Increased safety: Real-time alerts and better incident tracking have significantly improved overall safety for employees. Immediate notifications of gas exposure incidents enable faster response times and better protection for workers in potentially hazardous environments.

Better data accessibility: Enhanced data accessibility and utility through improved connectivity and centralized management, allow for more comprehensive analysis and reporting. This centralized data system supports better decision-making and strategic planning by providing clear insights into their safety performance and compliance status.


Keen to see what this technology can do for safety management at your business too?



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